Look at this.

I am posting for the second time this week.

Well, I took a day off so, I got some extra time. Thus, I thought, I must acknowledge this award given to me by the lovely BeautyKnowsNoFlaws as soon as I can. Than you so much Bobby!

BeautyKnowsNoFlaws is a blog full of beauty; as the title already suggests. Bobby is an amazing makeup artist. Her makeup is soft and natural but the look still manages to stand out. But that is not all, she also discusses life in general in her series called dear diary. Do check her out!


Each nominee must THANK the person who nominated them and link their blog in post
They must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image
Must add 7 facts about them
Then nominate 15 people

7 facts about me:

1. I stress out a lot. Almost 24/7.

2. I used to be a person full of self doubt. Now I am much better.

3. Crocheting calms me down.

4. I always wanted to start an online business. I think my dream is going to come true. (I think)

5. I love those ice lollies. Like the Jetsport ice cream. (or ice lolly).

6. I am very blunt. I don’t know how to not be straightforward.

7. I once tried to sell a crocheted mobile cover online. It did not sell. 😛

My Nominees are……

Some wonderful wonderful blogs. I would say some really talented ladies are going to take over wordpress. In sha Allah. CHECK EACH ONE OUT! You won’t be disappointed.

A lot of them are crochet blogs. Well, you know why.



Raising Rayyaan



Scottish Muslimah

Ruthie’s Crafting Corner



Renate Kirkpatrick’s Freeform


Storyland Amis


I am looking forward to all of your responses! All the best!

Till then stay in touch with me on Facebook.

Only recently I was looking through my posts and came across Someday, you will find success.

I was having a slightly rough day. I was feeling quite demotivated. So, I read this post and for the first time in my life my, own words lifted me up.

I am my biggest critique. I never like my work. I find fault in all that I do. But, this time i was surprised to see what I have written. After such a long time, I truly appreciated myself. I added a little more to that article and now I am sharing  it with you all because I want to uplift your mood as well.

Take a look at the post here. Hope it benefits you.

The Liebstar Award

You guys don’t know how happy I am while writing this post. A big thank you to Sanchali07wanderer for nominating me! Go check her blog out or else you will be missing out.

Just like all awards I have to complete some tasks so let’s dive into it.


Let’s start from rule no. 2.

 Questions asked by Sanchali :

1.What is your greatest achievement outside blogging?  

Getting into IBA (Institute of business administration). IBA is a renowned university of Pakistan and it’s quite tough to pass the aptitude. This is something I never thought I could do but with the help of Allah I was successful.

2.What are your nicknames? You prefer to be called?

In all honesty, I have a number of nicknames. Th list is too long. I like to be called by my original name that is “Sundus”.

3. How many days could you last in solitary confinement and how?

Not more than a day. By crying my heart out.

4.What are the top three qualities that draw you to someone new?

Humble. Smile. Friendly attitude.

5.Which animals scare you most?

Lizard. They freak me out!

6.What would your autobiography be called?

Hmm. A journey of colors. I guess. 😛

7.What is the strangest thing you believed as a child?

There were so many strange things. But I can not remember any of it. 😛

8.Where is your fav place to take out an out of town guest?

Back in Riyadh there is this restaurant by the name of “Tazej”. Their food is amazing!

9.Are you good at keeping secrets?

You have to inform me that it is a secret. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee anything.

10. The recent compliment received?

My speech communication instructor told me I “surprise” her *pleasantly*. Speech communication is a course in my university that teaches us how to give speeches.

11.Your patronus?

I did not know what a patronus was so I googled it.  After a while discovered it’s Orca. I did read and watch the harry potter series. 😛  After a while discovered it’s Orca.

Facts about me.

  1. I love french fries. I can’t spend a week without eating some fries. However, I have to cut down on it because well, nobody wants to be overweight.
  2. I love photography.
  3. I know coding, but, I am not that good at it.
  4. I am a family girl. Yes, if given a choice between friends and family, I will choose family. I just love them too much.
  5. I am overly attached to my mother. People call me a mama’s girl. I am not ashamed. I have parents who care about me.
  6. I had low self-esteem once. Like the severe one.
  7. I can be very wise at times. Like very. But I am mostly foolish.
  8. I create a mess when I am working. Like cooking or crocheting.
  9. I love honesty and honest people.
  10. I talk a lot.
  11. I stress out a lot.

Now I will pass this award on to some of the best blogs on wordpress!






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My questions for you guys are.

  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. How do you define success?
  3. Where do you want to be in 2 years?
  4. What is your best quality?
  5. What is your worst flaw?
  6. What is your greatest achievement?
  7. What is your life changing moment?
  8. Describe yourself in one sentence.
  9. What are you most passionate about?
  10. Why did you start blogging?
  11. How did blogging help you?

Simple Background Ideas for Product Photography

All bloggers face the dilemma of photography.

Most of us aren’t aware, that photography is an inexpensive process. We think we require a lavish studio like this to capture pretty pictures.


This is certainly not the case.

One essential part of photography is background. You can find some of the best backgrounds lying around your house. So let’s see what objects in our homes can be perfect backgrounds.

Cushions: We all have nice cushions in our houses. The pictures below are taken on cushions. Try to use cushion with pretty patterns and colors. Leather cushions are my favorite! I also like the velvet ones.


Garments: I used my shawl for the pictures below. In all honestly, it’s a shawl I use regularly. And when worn simply, it doesn’t look anything extraordinary. But, it certainly makes wonderful background. Do iron the cloth before using it.15878621_10210056915516754_1814507630_o15910313_10210056911756660_1973396254_n15934276_10210056918356825_291466672_o

Table mat: Nice table mats can be very useful. It can be used for both product and food photography.


Chair. Chairs have nice leather cushions as well. Or, there will be a nice pattern on it.dsc_0171

Floor. If you have nice shiny marble tiles on your floor. Then use it. In the picture below I should have used a reflector. However, I love this look as well.


Sofa. Even if your sofa is of one color but has a nice texture or pattern, you can use it as a background.16010001_10210127163512910_760003673_odsc_0760dsc_0002-copy

To some of the ideas you might be like,”Oh, I knew that already!” However, some might have benefited you. At least, now you know, you just have to shop for pretty clothes and cushions. 😛

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Versatile Blogger Award!

It’s the first time I am nominated for an Award.  I didn’t really think anyone would nominate me. Well, at least at this stage when I properly started my blog in January. However, thanks to kuminkueche who considered me deserving of this award. Thank you so much! Kumin has some outstanding recipes on her blog.  You certainly don’t want to miss it.

However, I have to fulfill two conditions.

  1. Share 7 facts about me.
  2. Pass this award to other bloggers.

This is a good time to tell you guys a little about myself.

Here are the 7 facts. 

  1. I love french fries. I can’t spend a week without eating some fries. However, I have to cut down on it because well, nobody wants to be overweight.
  2. I love photography.
  3. I know coding, but, I am not that good at it.
  4. I am a family girl. Yes, if given a choice between friends and family, I will choose family. I just love them too much.
  5. I am overly attached to my mother. People call me a mama’s girl. I am not ashamed. I have parents who care about me.
  6. I had low self-esteem once. Like the severe one.
  7. I can be very wise at times. Like very. But I am mostly foolish. 

Now let’s forward the award.

Aqsa Rahim

Hira’s Cookshack

Life Of a teen Girl


Tales Of Belle

Check them out! They all are amazing bloggers. Have a lovely weekend! ❤



Shadows are always behind the light

There is this thing we all need to remember. Shadows always stay behind the light.

So why do I say that?

To make you guys understand that your fears and apprehensions should always stay behind your qualities and strong points. Yes, fear exists. Don’t deny it’s existence. However, always focus on the light within you so that fear can not become the priority of your thoughts. Don’t let the fear engulf you and make you unable to utilize your attributes.

Your shadows should always remain behind you and below you.

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The craft of Crochet.

I taught myself this craft when I was about 14. In the beginning I was addicted to crochet and loved the praises I got from my friends and family when a made them something. However, as my schedule got busier I started to ignore this skill and eventually left it completely.

In sha Allah (If God Wills) a new member is going to enter the family and I got the chance to put this skill to use again. And here I present you my first ever baby booties. I always crocheted bags and headbands. Thus, crocheting baby booties was a little tricky and still is. I followed this pattern. It’s a very easy pattern. It’s very well explained and perfect for beginners.


I can surely say I have fallen in love with this craft again. I have created two more pairs of baby booties. I am still practicing and trying to polish my skills. My new hobby is to save all baby shoe patterns on pinterest. I absolutely adore them! I’ll definitely try keep you guys up to date with all my projects In sha Allah.

Which brings me to the question. Do you want to see more of crochet here? What exactly do you all want to see on this blog? Reviews, recipes, photography, or just posts about life? Please do answer in the comments. It would really give me an idea about my readers!

Thanks for staying by!

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We will be left alone. 


One by one I saw them leaving me. Some left intentionally and some left unintentionally. And some just did not have a choice. But there was one thing in common. They all left by the permission of Allah.

In the end, everyone will be left in soltitude. People are bound to leave because permanency only lies with Allah. He is the only one who can promise a forever. And he is the only.one we can rely on Forever.

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The Irresistible Scent


Sitting on the bed one cold night I can’t help but think how comforting her scent is. I take her shawl and drape it over my shoulder. This is the closest I can get to her right now. The most I can feel her presence. When you are with me, I don’t value you. But, right now I am searching for anything and everything that can fill that empty space in my heart. And currently, It’s your scent that engulfs me and makes me feel secure. The irresistible scent.

Mothers are a gift from Allah who we take for granted. There are many people out there who yearn for this relationship. Love and respect this wonderful present from Ar-Rahman.

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Bourjois City Radiance foundation Reveiw


Just like many people, I have had my fair share of troubles with foundations. On top of that, being a brown toned girl made it more difficult for me to find the right shade. All the brown girls, you know what I am talking about. I think I am now experienced enough to inform you which shades to go for and which shades to avoid. And, the product that I am going to review today is definitely not suitable for our complexion.

This is the Bourjois City Radiance foundation in the shade 04. I originally bought this for my mother, who is fair skinned. However, It turned out light for her skin as well. It’s clearly written on the package that it gives a brightening effect. Thus, this foundation will make our skin look gray.

However, apart from the shade problem, the product in itself is very  good. It is travel friendly, easy to apply, light on the skin, gives a matte look which is perfect for summers and has an amazing scent. It also does a good job at concealing. But as I have said, it will give a gray look to brown girls. However, I surely recommend it to fair skinned girls.

So that is it. I hope this post benefits you!

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